Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Running like a Japanese Kenyan: Iwakuni Area

Slowly I turned... step by step... inch by inch...

Take note - the temperature has finally taken a turn in the Hiroshima area. Yesterday, August 30th, was the first blast of cold air I've experienced in Japan. And yet... the rain continues... ugh.

On to more pressing matters, which is exactly why you heroes read me. Iwakuni is not exactly the best locale to begin a long distance run. Nevertheless, it is a remarkable small town to visit, for both the Kintai-kyo bridge and the surrounding area. If you've arrived at Iwakuni Station, take the first bus to Kintai-kyo; it's much less urban in that area, more fresh air, more space.

This time, I can't take credit for the running trail - there was a detailed billboard at the foot of the mountain detailing the way to go, the calories burned, and the visual highlights; I've actually seen one of these signs before, in Hiroshima. Any other sightings? If these runner caricatures are scattered all across the country, I'd love to know.

Map of Kintai-kyo running path

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