Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Lesser known expressions...

Temporal Provincials
People who are ignorant of the past, of history, and proud of it (though most likely won't admit it). Doomed to repeat past mistakes and suffer lagging conversations for the rest of their natural lives.
Source: Michael Crichton, Timeline

Japan Probe really does its homework. Check out this latest post regarding some of the best Japanese commercials. I finally know the source of Tommy Lee Jones' appearance in this world of ours.

Apparently if your account belongs to one of the major Japanese banks, you can withdraw cash from any convenience store ATM (even with an ATM card, not just a credit card). This will prove especially convenient to someone in Tokyo with a Hiroshima Bank account.

Here's a decent luggage transport service between Japan and the rest of the world - Japan Luggage Express Ltd.

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