Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Do you know Lindsay?

Lindsay Ann Hawker, age 22, a British woman working as a language teacher in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, was found murdered Monday. Police have issued a warrant for the man believed to be responsible for her death, Tatsuya Ichihashi.

Japan Probe story
BBC story

Did you know this girl?
- She was 22 years old
- She had been living in Japan since October 25th, 2006.
- She lived in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture
- Lindsay Ann Hawker

If anyone in the blogosphere has any information, please contact Richard Lloyd Parry, the Asia Editor for the Times, who recently issued an appeal calling for any information about this case:

If anyone has information on this case which they wish to share with a sympathetic and responsible correspondent in Japan, please be in touch.

Richard Lloyd Parry, Asia Editor, The Times

Mobile: 090-9373-7305
Office: 03-3270-3481


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Anonymous Dave said...

This is a sad story and as a fellow educator in Japan my thoughts go out to her family and friends. However, I do believe there is more to come out about this story. I have talked about it in my blog article and made comments on a couple of details that have been mentioned by the media, but not questioned or investigated by reporters as of yet.

The BBC has already put a story online entitled "Is Japan safe for foregners?". You don't have to read the article as I can give you an answer here. Yes it is! It's most likely safer than your home country (unless you live in Iceland or Scandinavia somewhere). Sure there is crime, but there is crime everywhere. I have never once felt threatened walking around in Japan, unlike numerous times back in England.

12:06 PM  
Blogger ターナー said...

I agree - we focus on all the negatives in the media, but Japan is still a very safe country by any standards. It's the fear of crime in Japan that remains high, despite low actual crime.

Public sleeping is common, people can leave their possessions alone for a long time (with some exceptions, of course), and murder is rare.

3:50 PM  

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