Monday, April 16, 2007

Down to the Wire

As I mentioned, I've been searching for additional options which would allow me to stay in Japan beyond my current visa expiration. Some interesting ideas that have been thrown my way:


Whether you're a tourist looking to extend his stay, a person on a one-year working visa, or even someone on a WHV (Working Holiday Visa - not valid for US citizens), this is a viable option. Establish a residence in a gaijin house, pick up a few part-time or contract jobs, and present proof of income (at least ¥250,000 I believe) to the local government office.

Japanese Language Schools

There are hundreds of summer programs from foreign universities offering intensive language study courses in addition to the private Japanese language schools. Depending on your citizenship, you may require a pre-college visa beyond three months of study; this would allow you to remain in Japan until your schoolwork is completed - you can even work part-time given enough time spent in the country and with special permission.

Some programs in Tokyo I've found that are still accepting applicants for their summer programs:

Waseda Oregon
World Link Education

Some of the websites in which I've been searching for viable positions include:


James said...

Have you written to some of the pre-college student visa language schools? The fact that you are already in Japan makes you very different from a normal applicant, since it will only take a single week for you to change your visa from an instructor to pre-college, whereas applicants from abroad have to go through a several month long approval process that requires a bunch of documents. I wouldn't be surprised if some schools you accept you at any time, since it's really no hassle to handle your visa.

James said...

There are far more choices than Waseda and World Link, and much more affordable options out there. This site has a huge list of them:

ターナー said...

Thanks James. Yeah, I know Waseda and World Link constitute a small fraction of all the schools, but they're just the ones I stumbled across recently.

I did not know that about the visa - thanks for the info.

Still hoping for employment as my first option, but anything to stay in Nippon...