Tuesday, April 03, 2007

State of the Blog

I'm shadowing TPR of course (sorry Ken!), but I have been meaning to post the top search terms and a summary of the blog for some time.

1. This past year I joined the Japanese workforce in June 2006 as a language consultant in the world of the Japanese eikaiwa (英会話). The blog began regular updates shortly thereafter under the title "Gaijin on the Run".

2. Began my travels in Japan. So far (in terms of cities, not experiences) I have been to Osaka, Hiroshima, Kure, Imabari, Onomichi, Miyajima, Sapporo, Matsuyama, Beppu, Kumamoto, Aso-san, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Shimonoseki, Kokura, Iwakuni, Okayama, and Tokyo. I will be visiting Himeji, Nara, Kyoto, and Wakayama this weekend.

3. Following a series of errors on both my part and the part of my employer, I grew uncomfortable with my work situation in Japan. This was further exacerbated by legitimate cultural differences that I had written about.

4. Begin to take a more serious approach in my blogging. Instead of focusing entirely on personal experiences, keep readers up to date with current news in Japan - this included the arrest of NOVA teachers, the Gaijin Ura Hanzai File, racial discrimination in Japan, and the murder of Lindsay Ann Hawker. Continue to stay away from ridiculous things like funny Engrish, and still touched upon cultural differences in the workplace.

5. A revelation in February. Better late than never.

Top search terms

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Other search terms

Gaijin on the run
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Top Referrals

Japan Probe
Trans-Pacific Radio
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Other statistics

Averaging about 100 hits a day

The Future

Uncertain at this point. I recently called for options about my decision to stay in Japan, and was met with a few things I had not considered. I am still waiting to hear about a job in Kagoshima, so will hold off judgment until then. Wish me luck.


Ken said...

I was actually in Kagoshima this past weekend. Seems like a pretty cool town...didn't see too many (obvious) foreigners at all.

ターナー said...

Yeah, and I would only be there for training during the summer months. Taking a ferry to the smaller islands on weekends... excellent.