Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I appreciate all the people reading up on the eikaiwa entries. Sorry I didn't post all seven at once, but my internet access is still shady. I will try to get part V up by tomorrow, and VI and VII by Sunday. I apologize for those of you waiting. Again, any questions, just email me.

Since I do have quite a few new readers who may have explored my earlier entries, I feel I should explain the discrepancies in my writing style (and my views on Japan in general). I'm not proud of the view I held when I first came to Japan. It was ignorant, and it was immature. I'm not omniscient, and I'm still learning new things about this country every day. I leave those postings to show everyone (and remind myself) how I evolved: from a backward ignoramus who based most of his opinions on blogs and negatives conversations with foreigners, to, hopefully, someone who embraces cultural differences and the way they broaden your mind, someone who studies Japanese knowing it is necessary for survival, and tries to see Japan for what it really is - not this throwback homogeneous culture that many westerners see, but a country filled with people just like any other. People with the same basic needs, wants, desires.

These might explain my transition:

Conversations in Sapporo

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