Saturday, September 29, 2007

Living Green

I never paid much attention to it until recently, but I've actually been living quite a green lifestyle in Kagoshima. With the inconvenience of obtaining a Japanese driver's license (let alone the costs of a car and insurance), I usually rely on my bicycle to get to work. When I do travel, it's always using public transportation, if not under my own power - bus, ferry, train. I'm never at home on the weekends, so minimal electricity and gas is used. There's even a great deal of water conservation, as I tend to use public onsen more often than my own bath. Unfortunately my small contribution will do little to delay the gradual consumption of resources.

This week I'll be making a brief excursion home for a wedding, so don't expect too many postings after Wednesday.

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tornados28 said...

It's good to be green. Even just a little bit helps. On October 15th, there is going be something called Blog Action Day relating to the environment. Here is a link to their website. I will be participating.