Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More News on NOVA

More news on English language school NOVA. None of it good, I'm afraid. Japan Times articles...

Is it all over for Nova?

Advice for teachers

But perhaps most interesting was a personal letter sent to Trans-Pacific Radio from a NOVA teacher who very recently arrived in Japan. She was brought over less than a month ago, and now faces a financially uncertain future (without steady monthly payments and a guaranteed flight back home).

This brought to light the reality that NOVA is still actively recruiting teachers abroad. They can't pay them on time, they're closing 200 schools, and they're still recruiting. Although I haven't been able to find any postings on Craigslist worldwide, there are a few recently added promotions on SEEK, an Australian job website; this did not go unnoticed in New Zealand as well.

Anyone back in the states currently being interviewed by NOVA? What are they saying?

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Hilary said...

I am recently arrived and working in Kagoshima with Nova. I was extremely upset upon arriving that the situation was a lot worse then anyone had let on. Our future roomie was contacted by Nova in Canada, and informed that due to the current situation in Japan, she was welcome to terminate her agreement with Nova and not come at all. This was a real blow to us. Completely unfair and unexpected. Had we received similar warning, we would not have come either. Regardless, I have still gone into work everyday and I enjoy my job. It's really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be..and I sincerely feel that you only get out of a job what you put into it.

-Hilary (Memoirs of a Non-Geisha)