Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nagasaki Bayside Half Marathon

Nagasaki Bayside Marathon & Walk

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Running Events
Half marathon, 10K, 2K

Walking Events
20K, 7K

Registration Fee
3,000 yen for the half

Event Website


There are actually a lot more options for registering for running races in Japan; the biggest qualm I have is not having the freedom to register on race day (for marathons I guess it's understandable, but even the small races here do it). This event does seems to allow this, but the cap is 1,500 people.

- The day before race day from 13:00~17:00.
- Race day from 7:30~ 8:50 (10:00 for walkers)
- Online at RUNTES
- Online at Sports Entry
- If you get the proper form from a distributor, you can use a postal transfer
- There's a sports convention the day before the race; you can register there

The Course

Looks like a good one, right over the Megami Bridge.



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