Monday, November 26, 2007

Cape Sata Half Marathon

Cape Sata Half Marathon (佐多岬マラソン)

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Registration has already passed, but you can still run bandit. Be warned:

I've just returned from Nakanoshima in the Toshima Mura, and will post on that experience soon, as well as some further commentary on the fingerprinting issues.


Nipponster Staff said...

Cape Sata?

I think that is where Tyler MacNiven's Dad was born (KintaroWalksJapan)

ターナー said...

Not quite - he came from the northern island of Hokkaido, closer to Cape Soya. I don't know exactly where that "candle rock" is, but it's along the western coast on the south side of the island.

Nipponster Staff said...

Oh. that's right. Cape Sata is where he started out (I think I mixed up Sata and Soya).

I just looked up Cape Sata on wikipedia and found something interesting. There was guy named Alan Booth who wrote a book (The Roads to Sata)about his walk from Cape Soya, Hokkaidō south to Cape Sata in Kyushu.
Have you heard of him before?

ターナー said...

Oh yes, it's a great book I just finished a few weeks ago. I put up one of my favorite quotes:


Unfortunately, if you were planning an interview, he passed on 15 years ago.

Nipponster Staff said...

"Unfortunately, if you were planning an interview, he passed on 15 years ago"

I know, I went to his wikipedia page to see if he was still alive. you know me to well. :)
That would have been a fun interview though!