Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Assessing an Injury

Loyal readers, I go in for my final x-ray tomorrow. Right now, I'm fluctuating between 95-100% range of motion - sometimes I can almost do normal pushups... but I'm usually restricted to fisted ones. I can work out normally with the exception of those pushups, have no sense of numbness whatsoever, and present with very little pain.

I'm still getting my distance back, however; it's been months since I've exceeded 10K for a long run, which is really depressing to me. I still have hopes to run a marathon in Asia, but if I do, it will need to be this winter or early next year to give me enough time for decent training. The Yorontou Marathon (与論島マラソン) is a possibility.

The injury has made me take stock of what I consider to be essential physical activity... things I want to be able to do regularly:

Excessive travel
Heavy lifting
Rock climbing
Weight training
Arm wrestling

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