Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Last of Japan

Twenty four hours to go. It's raining, I'm a little sick, and I need to stretch my legs. Inherent contradictions, I know.

Although this will be my last blog entry written in Japan, it will not be the last entry on KPIJ; I still have a few ideas to get down for you heroes, including my summation of the last two years I've spend in Japan in a piece I call "From Shima to Shima": final thoughts on living in and traveling around Japan. Hopefully I'll be able to complete it on the Shanghai ferry and post once I get to Beijing, but be patient.

If I had enough time in Osaka and it weren't raining, I might check out Osaka Castle, the aquarium, and Universal Studios Japan (USJ to locals). If I had enough money, I'd go see Phantom of the Opera in Japanese, now being performed in a theater just west of Osaka station, or hit up a hostess bar... just for the experience... never been to one of them before.

If being in this concrete jungle has taught me anything, it's that I made the right choice when choosing to live in areas like Kagoshima. Walking around all the underground fluorescent-lit tunnels in a neverending daze... do it long enough and you start to get the idea you're one of the living dead.

From Osaka, Japan, this is KPIJ, signing off...

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