Monday, June 02, 2008

Once a Traveler

The solution to the "Keeping Pace in Thailand" or "Keeping Pace in the World" problem is solved. Although I am rather fond of the Keeping Pace theme, I will be recording my later travels on the new domain Once A Traveler (with respect to John L. Parker).

However, this will most likely be my headquarters and general information, not containing any specific blog entries, so it is entirely possible I'll be setting up a new Thailand blog and linking to it from Once A Traveler soon. Be patient - in Fukuoka at the moment relying on crowded internet cafes.

Oh yes, and it's my birthday, which I will be celebrating here with Kabuki, ramen, and sake, on the Shanghai Ferry with table tennis, and in Beijing with, ironically, sashimi. Cheers.


Eldar said...

Happy birthday dude. Hey I'm not sure if I've missed it but you never talked about girls. Not to sound like a preadolescent teenager, but I'm just interested in that area too.
So what are the "customs" of meeting a girl (lets say Japanese), going out, dating, sex, etc.

Turner said...

That's complicated... maybe another time.