Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Winding Down

And just what does one do with less than 60 hours left in Japan? The various "S" tasks...

- Slurp ramen till the sun comes up
- Sleep in an environment that would make anyone envious of claustrophobics
- Subject oneself to everything the Japanese bureaucracy has to offer: visa procedures, bank accounts, cell phones, immigration, travel agents, apartment leases, utility companies
- Soak in the soothing onsen waters
- Shinkansen your way across the island
- Sip fresh green tea, perhaps for the last time
- Ship out to Shanghai


Eldar said...

Good luck on your new adventures. Keep em coming on blogs and don't delete the Japan stuff cause it's good reading any time of the day :)

Sean said...

Good luck as you travel on to your next destination. Say hello to Logan for me.