Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bar Flower

"Everything in this world" - he took my hand as his face became ruddy from the whiskey - "is a process that involves the giving and taking of energy. You should remember that."


"You may wonder why somebody of my social standing chooses to frequent hostess bars so often," he said, the alcohol in his system making him more sure of himself.

"Actually" - I looked him in the eye - "I do."

"At clubs like this I can unload my problems, and then absorb the youthful energy of the young women who listen to me. It's another process of exchange, you see?"

"I see," I said.

After seeing the Professor out, I couldn't help wondering whether this process of "exchange" he spoke of was part of the reason why I was feeling so tired lately. After all, each night I was carrying the burdens of several men-children upon my back. Then, in exchange, they stole my energy. Or more accurately, they were buying it in a perfectly legal arrangement.

Bar Flower, Lea Jacobson

Read more about Lea on her blog Geisha, Interrupted.

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