Saturday, December 20, 2008

10 Things I Do Miss About Japan

10. Food portions
I don't need seconds of creamy mashed potatoes. With the limited options available to me, I ate only as much as I needed. The curse of an addictive personality; this is the reason I don't stockpile food in my apartment: it would be gone in a matter of hours.

9. Japanese kids
Being a celebrity in their eyes, hearing random "HELLO"s as I walked down the street...

8. Nightlife
Being the foreign celebrity amongst Japanese girls and the occasional sumo wrestler; just try dancing with one of those guys. All night karaoke with friends. Catching the first train from Hiroshima at 5:55 AM. Also in favor of the late night snacking options, which includes 3 AM ramen.

7. Scenery
Waking up to smoking volcanoes. Always being surrounded by mountains.

6. Cherry blossoms
Ya gotta love those trees.

5. Understanding
Knowing the day-to-day life in another culture, and seeing how we're not so different.

4. Everyday adventures
I suppose I made the most of this myself, but it still holds true: traveling to distant islands; meeting descendants of samurai; hiking into volcanoes; hitchhiking across Kyushu; cycling to hot springs...
Adventures in Japan

3. All Japanese food
Sushi, sashimi, yakiniku, fugu, basashi, ramen, yakitorii, onigiri, udon, yasai, daikon, satsuma imo, gohan, edamame, ocha, oolong. It does a body good.

2. Cleanliness
Clean air, clean streets, clean food, clean people.

1. Onsen
Nothing beats a good soak. NOTHING.


Anonymous said...

For the novice eager to dip a toe into the oriental current KPIJ is the answer. I can't wait to take the plunge. Did you really dance with a sumo wrestler? The food sounds great too (but hey, easy on the mayonnaise!)

Turner said...

Thanks very much!

I suppose you could call it dancing - a sumo wrestler accidently bumped into me on the dance floor, nearly knocked me down, and didn't even notice. Heh.