Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More About Nemuro

My interview with an English school in Nemuro is arranged, so all I can do is hope for the best. Although Lonely Planet has very little information about it, I was surprised at how much I could find this time around, now knowing how best to search the vast Internet - using the kanji, checking the train schedule, Googling blogsearch, finding the Japanese local town website (ALL towns in Japan have one of these, I'm sure).

Pictures of Nemuro on Flickr
Onsen in Nemuro
Nemuro City Official Website
Nemuro Tourist Information (quite useful)

Blogs on Nemuro from JET teachers:
Hmm...Japan, You Say?
Ainu Jin :アイヌ人

Hokkaido Dialect, thanks to the Ainu Jin

めんこい (menkoi)-cute
~だべ(dabe) - isn't it? (でしょう)
なまら(namara) - very (とても)
しばれる(shibareru) - very cold
しゃっこい(shakkoi) - cold
おばんです(obandesu) - good evening
うまい(umai) - delicious
おっかない(okanai) - scary
わや(waya) - terrible
あずましくない(azumashikunai)-feel uneasy (いごこちがよくない)

The earliest sunrise in Japan, the easternmost city, the last cherry blossoms to bloom, plenty of fresh fish, including crab, and onsen to boot. I must contain my excitement.

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