Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Just Didn't Do It

A story exploring the intricacies and faults of the Japanese legal system. A 26-year-old man is pushed on board a crowded train in Tokyo, and upon being released, finds a 15-year-old girl accusing him of groping. Scary and disheartening. I suppose there's a lesson here: if you're accused of any crime in Japan, guilty or not, run. Run before anyone can identify you. The truth will not set you free.

Link to full movie


Louana said...

I watched the entire movie and it enraged me! I know it's just a movie, but the story is based on the real Japanese justice system. I just can't believe how unfair it is.

panoz said...

The entire idea is stupid.. i watched the film halfway through. I must tell you, i felt he deserved it the moment he signed that document. It was obvious he wouldn't get away with it.

And trust me japanese justice system is a walk in the park compared to same 'almost' european countries. Try the same in Turkey, Romania, Albania..

Of course here in Greece the situation is much better, since you can catch an helicopter to get out of prison (see Palaiokostas, he escaped TWICE using a helicopter from the same prison). Yeah, we have 'get out of prison' airlines !!

Turner said...

What do you mean 'get away with it'? One of the points is to show that the system can convict an innocent man just as easily as it can let a guilty party off easy.