Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The World’s 10 Deadliest Delicacies

Fugu makes the cut as I run down some of the most dangerous foods to be prepared on this planet in my latest Vagabondish article:

#1: Fugu - Shimonoseki, Japan

Fugu Sashimi Platter, Japan © k_haruna

Fugu (河豚), also known as pufferfish, is a fish whose liver and internal organs contain deadly amounts of the poison tetrodotoxin, for which there is no known antidote. It might surprise many to know, however, that any fugu chef worth his weight in Japan will attempt to leave just the right amount of poison for a tingling sensation to pass through the diner’s tongue, leaving him satisfied with the taste and experience.

Just like climbing the picturesque Mt. Fuji, many westerners try this dish for the experience, the risk you may be poisoned. In all honesty, I found it to be somewhat less thrilling than gambling (and this is coming from an adrenaline junkie), even with the threat of death tossed in. Thirty years ago, it caused a stir throughout Japan as Bando Mitsugoro, a famous Kabuki actor, died after eating four servings … though he may have overindulged a bit.

If you are in the mood to “risk your life”, be sure to travel to the city of Shimonoseki in western Japan where no fugu-related deaths have ever been reported. In addition, you have the choice of raw fugu sashimi, fried fugu (tastes like chicken), boiled fugu, fugu with miso, and fugu sake.

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Amanda, traveling photographer said...

I'd probably get more of a thrill out of gambling too. I haven't splayed craps in forever. It's time to head to Nevada. ~Amanda