Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Japanese Whaling in South Park

The latest episode of South Park tackles the Japanese whaling practices - absolutely hilarious. Apparently they hate whales because they believed a whale and a dolphin flew the Enola Gay to Hiroshima. Definitely check it out.


Anuan said...

Amazing, I saw this just yesterday, and found it funny. I don't usually watch south park. Japanese whale is a sore subject for me so I could definitly relate.
My hubs was rolling on the floor with laughter! Thanks for sharing.

Joshua Zimmerman said...

I laughed my rear off when watching this ep. While I'm all for Japan ending it whaling and dolphining, I think the environmentalists in Whale Wars are complete douches.

brad said...

I found it a bit humorous because I had just finished watching a South Park episode that was based on a similar issue: ... He has had run-ins with Japanese whalers multple times.

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