Friday, January 01, 2010

Tokyo Vice

Happy new year! Thanks to my new Amazon kindle, I have successfully completed Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein, an American reporter who was on the police beat in Japan for nearly twenty years. Threatened by yakuza, taken into the underbelly of Japanese society, exploring the darker side of kabukicho (well, I suppose it's all pretty dark if your eyes are open), this is a great read.

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Washington Post story on the liver transplant

Los Angeles Times story on the transplant, with additional details

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jake.adelstein said...

Happy New Year! I think I'll get a kindle myself.
It's a dark book. 2007-2008 were really bad years for me and a lot of people I knew.
2009 better. 2010, I'm looking forward to.
I enjoy your blog. 今年も宜しく

Turner said...

Thank you, Jake. I'll be sure to follow up on your activity. I'm afraid my blog pales in comparison to your newsworthy stories, but I'm glad you enjoy it.