Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jaded With The System

If you're considering teaching English abroad, or are already there and have fallen into a nice routine, I'd recommend my latest Vagabondish article:

...the first selling points are travel and “no experience required”. Well, guess what, Asia? You get what you ask for. Travelers. I doubt more than 5% of the native speakers who go abroad are committed to teaching, in that they have a reasonable amount of experience, and they actually try to get the kids to learn. A rarity. Instead, they (we, rather) focus efforts on the next weekend trip, the next vacation, the walk around their Beijing neighborhood, the exciting chance to learn a language in the country of origin. That’s all well and good for the teachers, but what of the students? If men and women’s passions aren’t in educating these kids, progress will be slow, to say the least.

Back from my trip to Japan, and will have tales of adventure and daring in the next few days.


Principessa said...

This is my biggest complaint with people who want to teach in Japan. They are not actually teachers and have no teaching experience, especially those fresh out of college. Take a look at your American teachers in college or high school even and it's obvious that not everyone can be a teacher. Anyway, I hope I don't offend anyone as this is just my opinion.

Chris said...

Why would you complain? Are you bored?
Trying to do something you have no experience in takes guts. People that take cheap shots at other people actually doing something make me sick.I don't care if I have offended you either.

Turner said...

You haven't offended me, but you are aware I'm one of those people, aren't you? So I don't really understand your argument. Regardless, this isn't about the guts of the inexperienced looking to work abroad; it's about system as a whole, and how it doesn't benefit the students as much as it should.