Saturday, April 23, 2011

Volunteering in the Tohoku

I had just finalized my ferry schedule from Korea to Japan when I got word that I had been accepted to volunteer with cleanup and rebuilding efforts in the Tohoku region with All Hands Volunteers. There are few volunteer organizations operating in Japan right now, and I feel fortunate they accepted me for only a week.

Where will I be?

Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture

What will I be doing?

Cleanup and rebuilding. I'm not too sure of the details yet.

Any risks?

Ofunato is over 200 km from Fukushima, but yes, there are still aftershocks and risks involved. Nevertheless, this will certainly be one of my more interesting trips to Japan.

What do I need?

If any readers would be willing to donate to help with MY (not All Hands') travel expenses, please send to me via PayPal (see below). All extra funds will be handed over in person to All Hands' officials at the site, unless they tell me otherwise. Ideally, I'd like to raise enough to cover the $15/day expenses for volunteers for six days, bus fare from Tokyo to Ofunato, and return airfare to South Korea.


Mai said...

Turner, I hope you come back soon and tell us about your volunteering experience. Do you have another blog to read about your experiences in South Korea and teaching english?

Anonymous said...

Hi ^^
I think what you do is really great.
A lot of japanese people will appreciate your itiniative I think.
Actually I would like to know if you or readers of this blog are interested in writing about the way you have personnally experienced the Northeastern Japan Earthquake (if you haven't but you know people who have experienced the earthquake in Japan, it'd be great if you coud let him/her know about this).
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Las Vegas Holidays said...

I cannot believe how quickly Japan seems to have recovered from the earthquake. Hopefully we will see some good results from the clean up at Fukushima. Some of the pictures we saw were so upsetting and I wish we could have done more to help.