Friday, January 20, 2012

Japanese Immigration: Gulag for Gaijin

Ok, I lied. I just had to spread the word of this story about a Canadian resident of Japan who was detained, cheated, and deported once I read it. I wonder if I could have faced this situation when I volunteered in the Tohoku. Check it out.

“Do you see this gun?” he said in Japanese, turning around to show me a weapon in its holster. “I have the legal authority to use this if you refuse to get on that flight. Now are you going to buy that ticket?”

I was angry now. They are forcing me at gunpoint to buy an overpriced ticket.


Anonymous said...

“Do you see this gun?”

He is alleging that a private security firm has guards armed with guns in Japan.

Inconceivable, given Japan's strict gun control laws.

Private security guards wouldn't even be allowed to carry knives, if the blade is longer than 15 centimeters.

Brutal treatment of detainees? Believable.

Private security guards threatening you with firearms? Complete and total BS.

Turner said...

I don't know about that. Remember, this was in Narita, not Japan per se; airports do enjoy a legal bubble in many countries.

Anonymous said...

Your response doesn't make sense.

Japanese security guards in Japan have to follow Japanese laws.

Even if they're at an Airport.

This guy's story has been torn to shreds across all the expat forums.

Turner said...

Can you post links to those forums

Anonymous said...

Check out this link which highlights various problems with Mr Johnson's allegations:-