Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I'm Considering It

I am considering coming back to Japan. It's been on my mind so often these past few years I don't think there's anything else for it. Will keep everyone informed.


Tommie said...

Nothing to consider! I have been living in Osaka for a year now and haven't regreted it for a second!

Marius said...

Just do it:-)

Now, only if you don't mind (otherwise, please remove my post), perhaps you or your blog readers might want to have a look at “Simon and Hiroko,” a dramatic love story located to a large extent in Japan, which has gathered several appreciative reviews and blog interviews.

Murakami lovers might like it.

Available at:



I wish you’d take a stab at it too, as impressions from current residents would be very special for me.

I lived two years in Tokyo and I enjoyed the place very much.

Marius Hancu

Anonymous said...

I am short listed for WESTGATE....i am a highly qualified teacher but have heard the hours at WESTGATE are much longer than other places. Do you know much about them ? Advice appreciated. Thank you.

M said...

I'd say go for it! Unless you can come up with an insurmountable reason to stay, then why not go?

akaruiona said...

Do it, my friend!!! After living there for 5 years and coming back to the states recently, I am desperate to return as soon as I can. I miss it so very much and I am planning my escape as I type this comment :)

Midas said...

Well, I would love living in Japan for a while. But for the moment just make my way around Japan until I feel I am financially ready for a longer stay there. Fortunately there are many interesting places of which some are also cheap to travel in. Unfortunately I love Japans culture a lot. ;)